Solar Power Project – 2019

In early 2019, we had a solar power system installed on our house. It was something we always discussed eventually doing, but we had no specific plans to do so. I found a website called Energy Sage that allowed for multiple contractors to quote on the project without them having to visit or contact me directly. I liked that since I didn’t want to have to deal with people calling for months after if I decided not to go through with the project.

We wound up getting 3 quotes through the site, and the total cost wasn’t as expensive as I though it would be, so we choose Power Stream to do the job. They were a small business, so that helped make the decision, plus they were giving the best equipment for the price.

It took awhile to get all of the appropriate approvals complete, between PECO and the township. PECO also required that we upgrade our service line between the meter and the pole. Finally on May 4, 2019 the system was turned on.

So far, even with a significant number of rainy days in the start of May, we are ahead on production vs. use. The real test will be if it makes enough electricity throughout the year to allow us to get rid of propane and switch to only electric heat pump for heat in the winter.

To be honest, we’ll either break even or maybe save a modest amount per year, but we did it more for the environmental part, and being approximately cost neutral is enough for us to be happy with it.


26 x LG 325 watt LG325N1C-A5 Solar Panels (8.45 kWp total)

26 x TS4-R Optimizers

1 x SMA Sunny Boy 7.0-US Inverter

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